#PopsicleWeek: Sweet Summer Blackberry & Nectarine Margarita Popsicles

#PopsicleWeek: Sweet Summer Blackberry & Nectarine Margarita Popsicles - She Eats

This is a big week.! Like, Lebowski sized. For 2 reasons. First, the ever so clever Billy at Wit & Vinegar has given us a very good reason to chow down on frozen treats for the next 7 days: #PopsicleWeek! That means a poop ton of popsicle recipes comin' at ya from around the blogosphere. And with the temperatures sitting in the mid-30's here in Vancouver the past couple of weeks (that's about 100 for my American homies), I can't think of a better way to cool down. Second - and this one's ...

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The Gin Old Fashioned (aka I know nothing)

Gin Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe - She Eats

You know when you think you know something but then you realize you don't know anything at all? Yeah. That just happened. I've realized as I make my way into my early mid 30's how little I really do know. Ya know? I pretty much know nothing - zip a dee doo dah. Well that's not entirely true. I know how to boil water and I have a pretty firm grasp on how to remain upright (most of the time) given I haven't had too many bourbon soaked cherries, and I'm fairly certain I know that the ...

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Taco Tuesday: Fresh Tuna Fish Tacos with Adobo Crema & Red Cabbage Slaw

Fresh Ahi tuna fish tacos with smoky adobo crema & crunchy red cabbage coleslaw - She Eats

With only 1 more sleep until I leave for the great state of Texas, I have to admit: I'm getting a wee bit nervous. Oh yeah. I'm going to Texas next week. Did I tell you that? No? I know I've been kind of MIA lately so it's possible I forgot to mention it. So yeah. I'm truckin' South, 'yall to the state where size definitely does matter. Luckily I'm the kind of girl who can handle them big. You see, I'm not foreign to the concept of big meat, big trucks, big oil, big skies, big belt ...

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Currently: The May 2015 (change is in the air) Edition

Greek Yogurt with Bananas - May 2015 - She Eats

I'm hungry. That is all. And now, the May 2015 (change is in the air) Edition of Currently. Current Book:  I am loving The Monstromologist by Rick Yancey. This isn't your typical YA novel. It's set in Victorian England and there are monsters. Big headless ones. And lots of big words. Which are almost as scary as the Anthropropogi. Eek! If all goes according to plan, I'll be sitting out on the deck after this post (and lunch, obviously) and finishing up the last hour of the book. That's ...

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Obsessed & Professed: Sparkling Rhubarb Shrub

Rhubarb Shrub Cocktail - SheEats.ca

I'm a strong flavour kinda gal. And a little bit obsessed. And not just with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Bold, grainy or creamy cheeses, lots of citrus, confit of pretty much anything including duck, rabbit, garlic, what have you. When it comes to a meal, I want my taste buds to be totally surprised and engaged... Kind of like a good wedding proposal. A solid marriage between sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty/umami. But first, all of those elements and the energy that went into creating them, ...

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Vegetarian Breakfast: Poached Eggs with Spring Fava Beans, Kale & Sweet Potato on Olive Bread

Vegetarian Breakfast - Poached Eggs on Fava Beans, Kale and Sweet Potatoes - She Eats

I tried being a vegetarian once. I also tried riding a motorcycle naked but I didn't stick with that either. Okay, that's a lie. I haven't tried riding a motorcycle naked. But I've seen others do it and it looks damn uncomfortable. I'll keep my lady bits pleasantly and safely tucked inside their clothes while straddling a vibrating, rolling, thick hunk of machinery thank you very much. ....Hm. This naked motorcycle riding thing is sounding kind of good right ...

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Currently: The April 2015 (where the balls did this month go) edition

Martinis and Popcorn - Currently April 2015 She Eats

Whoa. Where did April go?? I'm pretty sure I didn't eat it but it just flew right by me. Unlike turkeys or chickens or ducks or quail or rabbits, which I would have gobbled up faster than you could say "rabbits aren't poultry". I realize rabbits don't have wings, nor do they fly, nor are they birds but for some reason their meat always reminds me of foul. Not because it's gross - it's delicious. Sweet. Tender. Kind of like chicken but better. And usually piled high on top of pasta with a ...

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Cookbook Review: The Forest Feast

The Forest Feast Cookbook Review - She Eats

Take a great, big, deep breath. Hold it. Exhale. Because guess what? We can relax. Not everyone who writes about damn good food is an elitest asshole. Nor are they pretentious or high and mighty. As much as I want to go for drinks with Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, Mark Bittman and maybe even Gwenyth Paltrow (just to see what the fuss is all about), more than that I really want to spend a weekend with Erin Gleeson. And not even in a dirty way. Her gorgeously illustrative cookbook, The Forest ...

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Spring Cherry Blossom Lemon Cake (with vanilla buttercream frosting)

Spring Cherry Blossom Lemon Cake (with vanilla buttercream frosting) - She Eats

None of the flavours, techniques or even textures in this cake are familiar to me. Nor did I grow up loving lemon, eating flowers or baking cakes. If you've ever eaten at my house you must think me mad crazy because pretty much every dish I concoct contains some kind of citrus these days. Kaitlyn teases me about it, my vegetable crisper has more Rutaceae specimens than vegetables and I could be charged with some kind of lime hoarding I'm sure. I dare scurvy to show its ugly face around ...

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Devour It with A Spoon Lemon Curd

Devour it with a spoon Lemon Curd Recipe - She Eats

The experts have come to a consensus and it's official. Kardinal style. Lemon curd, is insatiably addictive. Just ask my ass. The experts aren't the only ones who have "weighed in". I won't lie. The term "lemon curd" makes me cringe a little bit. It evokes images of some kind of weird, congealed, lemon goop. "Curd" isn't exactly the most appetizing of words. Kind of like "moist" or "squirt" or "yolk". Ew. But let's be honest: Anything that has the word curd in it, usually turns out pretty ...

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Wine Review: Camelot Vineyards 2011 Chardonnay

Camelot Vineyards Chardonnary Wine - She Eats

I am an absolute firm believer in Okanagan Summers. Why? Because we live in wine country, my friends. Wine country. And while we're still dabbling in the sloppy seconds of Winter here on the coast, I've seen plenty of photos on Instagram that show the wineries gearing up for the growing season. Recently a reader asked about a favourite Chardonnay of mine and I thought I'd respond with a review. You all like wine, right? This is the Camelot Vineyards 2011 Chardonnary and comes courtesy of my ...

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