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Currently: The May 2015 (change is in the air) Edition

I’m hungry. That is all.

And now, the May 2015 (change is in the air) Edition of Currently.

Current Book:  I am loving The Monstromologist by Rick Yancey. This isn’t your typical YA novel. It’s set in Victorian England and there are monsters. Big headless ones. And lots of big words. Which are almost as scary as the Anthropropogi. Eek! If all goes according to plan, I’ll be sitting out on the deck after this post (and lunch, obviously) and finishing up the last hour of the book.

That’s right. My E-Reader tells me how much longer I have to read a book. It’s so smart.

Current Music: Did you know the television has music channels?? I’m not talking that shoddy, no music programming you see these days on MTV and Much Music. I mean the 6000 level and above channels: No commercials, no reality shows, no limits. Right now I’m splitting my time between the “Freedom: Pop music with the feel good factor, from the 60’s to today”, “Jukebox Oldies” and “Remember the 80’s” streams.

Current Guilty Pleasure: Rosé. And lots of it. It’s Summer time, yo!

Rose May 2015 - She Eats

Current Non-Guilty Pleasure: Enjoying the view from the top… Of the Burrard Bridge. Every time I walk from my place in Kits to downtown Vancouver, it blows my effing mind that I get to live here. After having (two too many?) cocktails with this sauve mofo, I snapped this shot on the way home.

So loving Vancouver in the  ♫ ♪ Summer time ♫ ♪ .

Burrard Bridge - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Drink: My beloved craft brewer – Phillips –  has come out with the Stump Coastal Gin via their Fermentorium division. And it’s oh so intriguing.

Phillips Stump Gin May 2015 - She Eats

Current Food: Big bowl of homemade polenta, pastured beef/veal/pork meatballs and a crap ton of fresh arugula and shaved Parmesan. Obviously.

Meatballs and Polenta May 2015 - She Eats

Current Favourite Show: I’m re-watching Friends from start to finish. Again.

Current Wish List: I wish I had some food in my belly. Did I mention I’m hungry? Nay, starving? Grrrrrr…

Current Needs: To make some bloody decisions. I have about 5 different directions I’m considering lately and I don’t know which way to go. Any advice? How do you know if a life changing decision is the right path? The options:

  • Continue with my design and social media business and leverage that to create a crazy awesome empire;
  • Phase out my business and focus on building my income and passion for real food via She Eats and my freelance food photography and writing;
  • Go back to school for a master’s degree in __________? Earth and Ocean Sciences were on the docket last month, but maybe that isn’t the right choice?;
  • Write a book;
  • Marry rich.

Railway Tracks - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Indulgence: I got myself some new sandals. Ow ow! Pay no attention to the terribly chipped toenail polish.

Birkenstock Sandals - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Triumphs: Controlling the anxiety. Last month I talked about how it was taking over a lot of my time. Thanks to meditation and John and my essential oils (and probably my newly acquired weed card), I’m feeling much better right now.

Current Epiphany: I get hungry. A lot. 

Current Bane of Existence: Seasonal allergies!!! It’s official: I’m locked inside the house during the peak hours of the day because I’m allergic to the air. Blech.

Current Thankfulness: Getting to hang with this fine lady at her book signing in Gastown this month. So stoked for her. Stay tuned – half way through June I’m offering a copy of her new cookbook to YOU my friends!

Tara O'Brady - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Excitement: Peas please!!! AND Spot Prawns! Together! I can’t stop myself! Holy exclamation points batman!

Fresh Peas - May 2015 - She Eats

BC Spot Prawns - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Breakfast: I’m still chowing down on avocado toasts. Only now I’ve added chocolate. And coffee. With lots of cream. That’s healthy, right?

Avocado Toast - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Fear: I’m never going to finish this post and thus will never eat lunch. So hungry.

Current Laughs: I mentioned I’m watching Friends again, right? ‘Nuff said.

Current Obsession: Snacks of Greek Yogurt and chopped up nanners with a crap ton of ground cinnamon and toasted pecans. All. The. Time.

Greek Yogurt with Bananas - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Procrastination: I’ve been slowly working on a food photography article for you. Slowly, being the key word. I’ve really been procrastinating getting it up and published because I want it to be really helpful for you (if you’re into that kind of thing). I just gotta get ‘er done, ya know?

Food Photography Set Up - May 2015 - She Eats

Current Mood: Hungry.

Now let’s do you. How are you feeling? What are you currently up to? What are you loving right now? Hating? What are you reading? Drinking? Eating? Laughing? Feeling? Watching? Obsessing over? What’s current in your world?

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  • Jacqueline Gum
    May 31, 2015 at 2:15 PM

    Love that you are currently doing ALL that and then feeling as if you should be making a decision on doing more? Or is it less? Or is it just doing something that feels more fulfilling? Gotta say…I am crazy about your energy:)
    Jacqueline Gum recently published…Hypocrisy… Where’s The Justice?My Profile

  • Sofia // From the Land we Live on
    May 31, 2015 at 5:13 PM

    These posts always make me laugh…..and they make me feel like I know you, which is totally weird since I don’t. I’ve been at the frustrating crossroads of life/career decision making for the past few years and still working on it. We’re crazy lucky to have options, but it’s definitely been a source of anxiety for me. I’m always between trying to chill out about it and trying to not chill out about it…and neither approach is working. And it’s also crazy how blogging is like a “thing” and that people make a living doing it. It still blows my mind. I have no advice for you, but if you come across anything good, send it my way as well 🙂
    Sofia // From the Land we Live on recently published…Spring Greens with Balsamic Soaked Raisins and Pine NutsMy Profile

  • Becky
    June 2, 2015 at 5:35 AM

    I love that my kindle tells me how much I’ve read and how much more I have to go! I’ve been on quite the rose kick myself. I’ve found some vino verde rose, which are my two favorite summer wines combined. So, so good.
    I’m buying up lots of peas, because my girl has demanded them in her lunchbox every day. That I can do.
    Change has been in the air here too. I’ve been so focused on my new job, lots of other things, like laundry and planning what the girl does when school gets out for the summer, have fallen through the cracks. EEK! Allergies have completely and totally kicked my butt this spring. Doubling down on allergy meds vaguely made a difference.
    Life changes – follow your heart, follow what feels right. But then, I’m officially middle aged (according to my girlfriends) and still have no clue what I want to be when I grow up.

    I LOVE that train track shot.
    Becky recently published…The Old MillMy Profile