About She Eats

Hey, I’m Kristy.

Kristy Gardner - Vancouver Food Blogger and Vancouver Food PhotographerI live in Vancouver, B.C. and I’m unapologetically fixated on farmer’s market friendly food like local & fresh vegetables, pastured meat, salt, butter and seasonal cocktails, Pacific Northwest adventures, glamping, hiking mountains, writing, acting, bourbon, Ghostbusters, dogs, and pigs. Not all at the same time.

She Eats is my food blog.

I swear on occasion.

I fucking loathe the oxford comma. Yet you’ll see I used it in the paragraph above. I’m also a contradiction.

Oh yeah, and my boozy-food cookbook – Cooking With Cocktails – is now available in all major retailers (Countryman Press). Wanna buy a copy? Yeah, ya do.

I’m writing a science fiction novel. No really, I am.

I also own a design, content, branding & mentoring business called Peppercorn Creative where I work with passionate, driven & committed bloggers, entrepreneurs and small businesses to create profitable brands, beautiful websites, and engaging content that makes them money.

I believe most of it doesn’t matter. We should all find joy in the small moments, the abundance of nature and remember to breathe.

I think that’s about it. Yep.

About She Eats

I started She Eats in the fall of 2010 as a response to a class I took in university called Women, Food and Culture. It was the first time I really heard the horrors of the industrial food system – environmental abuses, animal welfare, human rights violations. It scared the bujezus outta me!

The bujezus.

So I started She Eats to help share the information I was paying a small fortune to learn, and to help you, help the planet. Since then my digestive system has switched teams a few times – carnivore to blind vegetarian to ethical eater. Now I eat grass fed meat, locally organic produce and I do my darn-tootin’ damndest to not buy anything with a nutritional claim or a label on it. Except when it comes to the occasional (and necessary) bag of sugar. Because cake.

These days I like to keep things simple. Occasionally I share tools or books that inspire me and make your journey in the kitchen more fun. Usually though I create recipes you can easily source from the farmer’s market, local butcher or CSA and make at home. No matter what though, you get my unabashed sense of humor and lots of embarrassing stories like getting my hoo-haa stung by wasps and smashing my face into glass walls.

Some of the recipes here are quick and easy (like me), others are a bit more technical. Most aren’t made with overly-processed ingredients (cake is always an exception) and I suggest you do the same. Use the best quality ingredients your pocket book can afford and always use full-fat because the total yum factor of a finished dish is entirely dependent on the yum factor of the ingredients you use. Because of that, most of the recipes here take a bit of time to prepare. What you’ll end up with though are dishes so flavourful, even Flava Flav would shut up, sit down and eat.

As my ass can attest to, I’m a full fat kinda gal. And around here, we like it that way.

About Our Community

The best part of writing, photographing and editing She Eats is getting down and dirty with brands, readers and other members of our tasty community!

People who eat damn good food and imbibe damn good drink really are the best kinds of people. The same is true for farmers, Chris Pratt look-alikes and dog owners.

I’m so grateful to be part of your community. And I’m honoured you choose to be part of mine.

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And hey. Thanks for being part of my community. My life. And my mouth.


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