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Who’s hungry?

I know I am. Pretty much all the time. Hungry for food, hungry for bourbon, hungry for some sweet, sweet lovin’.


Welcome to the She Eats recipe index! Here you’ll find butt loads of real food, farmer’s market friendly meals, broken down by course as well as season.

Rarely do I cook with overly-processed ingredients (cake is always an exception) and I suggest you do the same. Use the best quality ingredients your pocket book can afford and always use full-fat because the total yum factor of a finished dish is entirely dependent on the yum factor of the ingredients you use. Because of that, most of my meals take a bit of time to prepare. What you’ll end up with though are dishes so flavourful, even Flava Flav would shut up, sit down and eat.

So indulge. Enjoy. Grab a spoon and get hungry!


Chow Down By Course

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Indulge In The Seasons

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